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IRS AUDITS up to 12 months before notification

UNDERREPORTED INCOME up to 3 months before notification

IRS LIEN & LEVIES up to 1 month before notification


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The Audit Detection service detects with over a 95% accuracy. Early detection of audits and underreported income can save a taxpayer significant money on interest and penalties as well as time and stress. Early detection and successful early release of liens or prevention of levies can save a taxpayer from the stress and numerous negative consequences of IRS action against your property. The Audit Risk Assessment gives greater insight into what an IRS may flag individual taxpayer accounts for. The added benefit is that once our office detects and issue, we can be engaged immediately to start resolving your matter as soon as possible.

Audit Detection is best combined with our Compliance Monitoring and Value Finder services. Think of it like Audit Detection and Compliance Monitoring prevent and mitigate future losses in interest, penalties, and fees while Value Finder looks for your current gains in the tax code. By combining all three you maximize long-term value.


Click the button above, fill out the form, and submit. You'll then receive an email with the service agreement and IRS Power of Attorney (Form 2848) which you need to sign and submit along with the required IRS documents listed in the email (photo with government ID and a tax form with current information). We then submit the power of attorney to the IRS. Once the IRS processes the power of attorney, we can analyze your account for status code changes that indicate IRS action. You will then receive an email if and when there is an adverse change. Your Audit Risk Assessment will be delivered shortly after we gain access to your account, and every year after income tax filing.

*This service does not in any way increase the likelihood of audit or cause any additional attention to your IRS filings.


Audit Detection is not a legal service, does not constitute legal advice, nor does the Audit Detection service create an attorney client relationship.

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