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Full Representation 

For those with tax liability of $10,000 or more. Starling-Flock Law Office takes over your case to bring it to resolution as favorably and quickly as possible. This service also includes our Max Value package (Audit Detection, Compliance Monitoring, and Value Finder services) for the duration of the representation. For more information on what the Max Value package is, click here.


Single Strategy Consult

For those with tax liability of $10,000 or less or just need some guidance to otherwise handle the IRS problem yourself. This service includes a one time snapshot Audit Detection, Compliance check and Value search. For more information on what those benefits are, click here.


Max Value**

This service package combines the below Audit Detection, Compliance Monitoring, and Value Finder services to provide taxpayers maximum long-term value. To learn more about each individual service, read below or click here.


Audit Detection**

A service that monitors IRS activity in your tax account so that you/we can take proactive steps to resolve the issue before it costs you more time, money, and headache. We stay up to date on audit & collection status, balances, penalties, and interest, and we can even detect most audits months beforehand! When problems do come up, you have an attorney at Starling-Flock Law Office standing by to resolve the issue. For more information, click here.


Compliance Monitoring**

A service that identifies compliance issues before the IRS has a chance to make an issue of them, preventing problems before they start, and saving your time, money, and headache. This includes compliance with tax return filings, income tax payments, income withholding, estimated payments, payroll tax payments, and more. For more information, click here.


Refund Recovery**

The Refund Recovery limited scope representation empowers Starling-Flock Law Office to analyze your refund situation to use the IRS's administrative procedures as well as negotiations with the IRS to maximize your refund recovery. To find out if you have any refund opportunities, use our FREE Value Finder service. For more information on Refund Recovery, click here.


Value Finder**

This FREE service identifies valuable tax opportunities for individuals and businesses by leveraging technology and our experience in tax consulting and professional services to help you take advantage of tax opportunities to put more money in your pocket. For more information, click here.

**These are not legal services, do not constitute legal advice, and do not form an Attorney-Client relationship.

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