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Better Results, Better Relationships.

I started this firm because I care about solving your problem. I really do. Its not selfless though, it feels good to be helpful and to do good for someone. So why not make it a career solving peoples' problems and trying to improve their lives. That's why I started this firm. I've been helping people my whole career, just not as my own boss. I spent years in the U.S. Army assisting Commanders, Soldiers, and their family members. It was all incredibly rewarding, but what I found the most rewarding was criminal defense of Soldiers. I met Soldiers in the darkest period in their life and I had the task of getting them through it. Then I spent years in tax consulting where my primary job was to find opportunities in the tax code to get my clients more money.

Whether it was protecting from prosecution or delivering tens of thousands of dollars in tax benefits, the best part of the job was the joy of the client. So I started Starling-Flock Law Office to combine both of those joyful services. At Starling-Flock Law Office we both protect you and your money as well as try to find you more.

We do all this because we genuinely care about helping you and being partners in your success. Care and success are the values that shape our mission: "Better Results, Better Relationships."

You Are The Priority –

Engage Today. Your Tax Analysis Within 48 Hours. First Strategy Session Within A Week.

Tax problems are scary and confusing. Our representation inspires confidence that we are as motivated as you are to solve your problem quickly and with the best result. Many firms are quick to get you as a client, but then you wait and wait for the time of day to address your problem. Not at Starling-Flock Law Office. You can hire us today through the website. First thing we do is download all the information from your IRS tax account and analyze it. Then we review the information and documents you provide us to be ready to have a meaningful first meeting where we aim to identify the issue(s), the cause(s), likely courses of action, anticipated timeline, and expectation management.

From beginning to end, we are direct, transparent, and responsive. You will get regular updates and can easily schedule time with your attorney using out Quick Scheduler for clients.

The whole representation can take place without you ever coming to our offices. We live in a day and age where technology makes it easy for us to represent you no matter where you reside. Of course, we can always come meet you in person anywhere in the world.

Above and Beyond

Preventative, Proactive, and Effective Representation.


Using Compliance Monitoring technology we can identify compliance issues before the IRS has a chance to make an issue of them, preventing problems before they start. This includes compliance with tax return filings, income tax payments, income withholding, estimated payments, payroll tax payments, and more. 


Using Audit Detection technology we can monitor IRS activity in your tax account then take proactive steps to resolve the issue before it costs you more money and headache. We stay up to date on audit & collection status, balances, penalties, and interest, and we can even detect most audits months beforehand! When problems do come up, you have an attorney at Starling-Flock Law Office standing by to resolve the issue.

We can also proactively identify valuable tax opportunities for individuals and businesses. Our Value Finder service leverages technology and our experience in tax consulting and professional services to help clients take advantage of tax opportunities to put more money in your pocket.


We treat you and your matter with the highest priority and care while getting you the best result. Our tax resolution Expertise comes from our experience not just as a tax problems solver but also our training and experience in tax preparation, tax consulting, bookkeeping, criminal prosecution, and criminal defense.

We do all this because we genuinely care about helping people and supporting your success. We are a boutique family-run firm ourselves, so we know how important it is to be direct, transparent, and responsive. We know taxes can be a stressful part of running a business, so we measure our success off of your results. Our goal is to create more value for you – so that you can spend less time worrying about taxes and more time living your life or growing your business.

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At the Starling-Flock Law Office, we focus on Federal Tax Services and Federal Tax Representation and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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